Written and illustrated by Marcie C. Ewasko

Table of Contents

Chapter the First In which we meet Miss Mousey and Mr. Bunny
Chapter the Second In which the two friends begin their adventure
Chapter the Third In which Mr. Eagle arrives in Rocksylvania
Chapter the Fourth In which Miss Mousey begins to grow a new tail
Chapter the Fifth In which Miss Mousey learns what she must do
Chapter the Sixth In which Miss Mousey dances, and dances, and dances
Chapter the Seventh In which Miss Mousey sports her new tail



It's rather strange how this story came to be, and how it has evolved. Shortly before Christmas I had started to make my own graphics, using my mouse as my drawing tool. This was not easy and it was very time consuming. I received a gift for Christmas that made drawing much easier, a pressure pad and pen, and before long, I had several drawings completed, mostly of animals. As I finished some of the drawings, I posted them in the ThirdAge Learning HTML Practice Forum which is frequented by Loisb, Nettie and Irish, as well as a few others. My drawings drew favorable responses from these ladies, and before long, we had names for them, and the animals became characters. Lois encouraged me with the animations, always asking for something more to be done to them. Nettie and Irish gave their thoughts, and soon we had a little story going, and it was time to write it down. What you will read here is a result of all our input. I know, it's a strange way to write as it's based on my drawings which are used here as the illustrations. However, no one has ever accused me of being traditional. Enjoy!

Miss Mousey checking her mail. Please send her some.

This story is dedicated to Lois Beedle and Lorne Friesen, both tutors at ThirdAge.com Learning Center. Both of these fine people have been my teachers in html and web building, and both gave freely of their time, their help, and their encouragement. I am proud to be able to call them friends. So Lorne, Oh Great Exalted One, and Lois, my favorite chocoholic, this story, for whatever it's worth, is dedicated to you.


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